Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Venice Art Crawl Happening Third Thursdays! Join the Art Community on September 16th, 2010!

Story and Photography by Ginger Van Hook

Launch night began a new era in the Fine Arts of Venice Beach!
The Venice ART Crawl Collaboration with OTIS Alumni has unleashed the creative 
instincts in the deepest, darkest and oldest part of the beach scene: 
(Every Third Thursday in Venice Beach)
To participate, get involved, or attend contact:

On September 1st, 2010 I attended a meeting of artistic minds
 that make up the Venice Beach Art Community. 
Daniel Samakow led the charge to organize the next Venice Art Crawl scheduled
for September 16th, 2010 to empower the artists of Venice Beach, California.

Daniel Samakow, photo by Ginger Van Hook

At the meeting, discussions revolved around the artists having a stake in the future of Venice Beach. Artists, Vendors, Businesses, Gyms, Boutiques, and owners of parking lots, boardwalk front properties and Restaurants are all encouraged to participate and much was said about the success of the first Venice Art Crawl that occurred on August 19th, 2010. I sincerely felt that there was so much energy in the room, that a spontaneous combustion could light up a city anywhere in the world. Artists were excited. Dialogue was taking place. Plans were being made. Artwork would be displayed, sold, purchased; APPRECIATED! There is a distinctly strong sense of community building up into a grassroots movement that challenges the past to a duel with the future. Venice is EDGY, original, REBELLIOUS, and full of artistic PIONEERS as folks gather to make a difference in their community. The seeds of creativity were being planted in the minds and hearts of the citizens that represent one of the most unique Beach communities in Southern California. It was totally surreal! 
And another important revelation came about while I was there. Toward the end of the meeting, someone mentioned SPONTO! and suddenly, the room became abuzz about a man that had become a legend since his passing. SPONTO was a Venice Beach resident 
whom I had met a little over five years ago in his own small gallery simply called SPONTO. 
Sponto had begun a movement to involve local artists to exhibit their artworks in his gallery, show local artist movies, and have film screenings frequently.
 He had an enormous following. 
And when he passed away, he left a huge hole in the hearts of those that loved him.
But, the folks in this meeting had not forgotten Sponto.
Someone shouted and the rest of the group 
at the meeting chimed in the cheer.
The spirit of SPONTO does live on. Join the artists and residents 
of Venice Beach, California this Thursday September 16th, 2010 and 
come see for yourself the ghosts of the past come alive and welcome
new spirits of artistic ingenuity to the present.

Mark X Farina and Sponto, Venice Beach, California
Photo By Ginger Van Hook, 2005

Artists and Residents of Venice Beach
 immersed in discussions about the upcoming 
Venice Art Crawl, Sept 16, 2010 (photo by Ginger Van Hook)

Ceres Madoo, representing Otis College of Art and Design, 
along with arts students from the college 
attended the planning meeting to lend their support. 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook, 2010

Right outside the CANAL CLUB Restaurant, a resident
of Venice Beach wanted me to take his picture with his puppy.
photo by Ginger Van Hook, 2010



as well as Halfpipe, a famous dog that attended

 SPONTO's Gallery and movie screenings regularly.

from 2005. By Ginger Van Hook

Another legend in Venice Beach history at the SPONTO Gallery
was "HALFPIPE", a beautiful red, gold, white and tan dog 
that belonged to Nick Feller. Halfpipe too, like Sponto went off to the
Gallery in the Sky and is genuinely missed by the residents, but his
four legged legacy lives on!

Halfpipe loved art! 
Halfpipe is pictured here with 
Luke Van Hook and his human, Nick Feller
Photo by Ginger Van Hook, 2005

Painting by artist Mark X Farina.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook, 2005

Luke Van Hook, Nick Feller, Halfpipe.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook, 2005


North Venice Street in front of the Canal Club restaurant and
sushi bar. Photo by Ginger Van Hook, 2010